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[High Five] Description server x800


New, unrestrained, really hot High Five x800 PvP with high starting online 3000+ is waiting for its heroes

We guarantee the balance of classes, protection against bots and DDos attacks. Guarantee no wipe for 5 months!

    You will find a new, detailed game concept of the PvP server for every minute battles between players. Exclusive PvP system touches on all important game aspects, starting from class balance, ending with group hunting for Raid Boss and battles between clans. An experienced and responsive project team will provide you with a stable game with a long-lived economy, updated events, a constant advertising campaign, high-quality assembly, protection from DDos and third-party software.

etc_exp_point_i00.jpg etc_sp_point_i00.jpg Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg etc_quest_account_reward_i00.jpg Skill0254_0.jpg etc_quest_add_reward_i00.jpg etc_shoulder_strap_of_knight_i00.jpg etc_raid_b_i02.jpg
Exp Sp Adena Drop Spoil Quest Epaulettes Raid Boss
x800 x800 x500 x2 x5 x3 x15 x2

Premium account increases rates by x2 except epaulettes. Premium sharpening increased by +5%. The chance of crafting MV items has been increased to 15%.


weapon_vesper_shaper_i01.jpg armor_t96_u_i03.jpg Vesper_ring_i00_0.jpg Scroll_of_enchant_armor_i06_0.jpg Scroll_of_enchant_armor_i06_0.jpg Item_9546.jpg Etc_holy_crystal_i00_0.jpg Item_21706.jpg
Weapon Armor Jewels Safe Enchant Enchant Rate Attribution Stones Сrystals Olf's T-Shirt
+20 +16 +16 +6 70% 70% 50% 55%

Premium sharpening increased by +5%.

    Bonus start :

    Weapon_dynasty_crusher_i01_0.jpg Masterwork Dynasty Weapon +10 Accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.jpg Earring of Zaken +4 - 3 Day
    Armor_t91_uf_i00_0.jpg Masterwork Dynasty Armor +8 Accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.jpg Queen Ant's Ring +4 - 3 Day
    Accessary_dynasty_earing_i00_0.jpg Masterwork Dynasty Accessories +8 sets.jpg Beautiful Costume
    Br_rune_of_eva_i00_0.jpg Eva's Rune pets.jpg Fairy Princess

    Automatic Events

    - TownWar, Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Mass Domination, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, TvT Advanced, Single Players Fight, Party Fights, Korean Style, Mini TvT.

    Anti-Bot System

    - Blocked L2Net, L2Tower, L2Walker, CP Reload, etc...
    - Game clients quantity-control launched from the same hardware.
    - An ability to ban the hardware.

    Features and basic principles

    - Our administrators, try to keep the server as fair and balanced as possible. With everything we are against any change in skills and classes, to preserve as much of the original game, however, added a few methods needed for a PvP server. Preserve much to stay and satisfaction of our players on the server.

    Other Features

    - DDoS Protection
    - Territory Wars
    - Fortresses
    - Subclass Certification System
    - Subs may be leveled up to 84
    - Full Geodata
    - Anonymous Olympiad to help prevent feeding.
    - Hero Weapons are Enchantable!
    - Heroes every 1 weeks
    - Special Rewards for Fishing
    - and much more!

    Server Information
    CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5645 2.4 GHZ (Which is a dual processor, each processor has 6 cores for a total of 12 cores)
    RAM: 32 GB DDR3
    100 Mbs connection
    Operating System: Windows 2008 R2
    Server Currency:

    A couple of screenshots from the Alt+B:







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