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Bonus passing clans of Gold Einhasad


We appreciate every player on our server. Clan Go and get a decent reward of our project!

To receive a bonus, your clan must be 7 lvl in the game and have 15 unique players.

After reviewing your application, the clan gets 350,000 reputation and 9th level.

Reward to the clan leader:

  • For each player, the clan leader gets Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg 10 Coin of Luck
  • Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Coin of Luck - x100
  • Color_name_i00_0.jpg Color Title - x2
  • Color_name_i00_0.jpg Color nick (.colorkl) - x1
  • etc_g_bm_buff_scroll_i01.jpg Premium coupon [For 1 day] - x14

Application form:

  • 1) The name of the clan.
  • 2) Nick is the leader of the clan.
  • 3) Contact the leader of the clan (icq or skype).
  • 4) The number of passing players.
  • 5) The site or group

Conditions for issuing a bonus

  • A clan must be created, and all participants must be in it before issuing the bonus;
  • Characters must reach level 80 and receive a third profession;
  • Before awarding, all characters will be checked by hwid;
  • If you, when creating a clan, shout in the cities about recruitment and take everyone in a row, then you are not given a reward (only lvl clan and Clan reputation).
  • The award to the leader of the clan is issued from 15 people.

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