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[High Five] Server Description x2000 PvP


        The time has come for a heated fight on the new High Five x2000 PvP, the server starts on 5 April at 18:00 UTC +03:00.
        Choosing our server for the game, you get a 100% guarantee of stable operation throughout the entire game time. The server is reliably protected from bots, and also has the most modern equipment to repel all types of DDos attacks.
You will find a cozy atmosphere, a strong and stable economy, no purchased clans, high online solo players and the world's best implementation of High Five chronicles in Java.
        The latest update has given due attention to some class rebalancing and summoning pets. The economic component of the server has been updated to stabilize the market and increase the players' interest in long-term play.
We took into account all the wishes of the players and the concept of this server will primarily be focused on massive every minute battles. However, we have not forgotten about the players who like to farm locations and the Olympics.
        The project works until the very last player, and this has been proven by 3 years of flawless, trouble-free operation.

Server information:

  • Server Chronicle: High Five Part 5
  • Server client: High Five Part 5
  • Protection from bots: Yes
  • DDos protection: Yes
etc_exp_point_i00.jpg etc_sp_point_i00.jpg Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg etc_quest_account_reward_i00.jpg Skill0254_0.jpg etc_quest_add_reward_i00.jpg etc_shoulder_strap_of_knight_i00.jpg etc_raid_b_i02.jpg
Exp Sp Adena Drop Spoil Quest Epaulettes Raid Boss
x2000 x2000 x500 x2 x5 x3 x15 x2

Game start and features:

  • When you create a character, you get: 52 level.
  • Each player receives a Novice Coupon to buy temporary items up to S84 +10.
  • Obtaining all professions and subclasses is available directly in Alt + B for Adena.
  • Fully automatic learning of class skills.
  • Learning the skills of subclasses without a quest directly from the NPC.
  • Endless arrows, nipples.
  • Macros and nipple lag - disabled.
  • Global chat is available to all players 30 minutes after the start of the game.
  • Mana banks restore 1400 MP, rollback 10 seconds.

Sharpening Information:

  • The chance of sharpening can be increased with a premium account by +5%.
  • The chance of sharpening can be increased with the help of additional clan skills by +2%.
  • Safe sharpening for Olf's Shirt +3.
weapon_vesper_shaper_i01.jpg armor_t96_u_i03.jpg Vesper_ring_i00_0.jpg Scroll_of_enchant_armor_i06_0.jpg Scroll_of_enchant_armor_i06_0.jpg Item_9546.jpg Etc_holy_crystal_i00_0.jpg Item_21706.jpg
Weapon Armor Jewelry Safe Enchant Chance Enchant Attribute stone Crystal Olf's T-shirt
+20 +16 +16 +6 70% 70% 50% 55%

Economy and shop:

  • The economic component of the server has been updated to stabilize the market and increase the players' interest in long-term play. All prices in the store are indexed according to rates and the difficulty of obtaining currency / items.
  • Players have access to 5 shops to buy items for in-game currency:
  • Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Shop for Adena: In this shop you can get any S84 items.
  •  Shop for Silver Shilen: In this shop you can get the following items (Accessories, Cloaks, Belts, Weapons Boss, Enchants, Other).
  • raid_poi.jpg Raid Points Shop: This shop offers the following items (Boss Jewels, Cloaks, Belts, Costumes, Olfs T-shirt, Enchants).
  •  Shop for Olympiad Token: In this shop you can get the following items (Boss Jewels, Coin of Luck, Masterwork Weapons, Masterwork Armors, Premium account, Cloaks, Belts, Costumes, Olfs T-shirt, Enchants).
  • golova.jpg Shop for the Thug's Badge: This shop offers the following items (Boss Jewels, Premium account, Cloaks, Belts, Costumes, Olfs T-shirt, Enchants).

Ulta PvP Zone leveling and farming zones:

  • Ulta PvP Zone is a special evening PvP zone for 83+ players. Now each of you can challenge other players alone or by gathering a group of up to 5 players. For each kill of any of the players in this zone, you will receive the Thug's Badge 1pc.
  • Zone operation mode: from 20 00 to 00 00.
  • Minimum entry level: 83 lvl.
  • Entry restriction: 1 character from the computer.
  • Re-entry after death: 60 seconds.
  • The entrance fee for a solo player is 20,000,000 Adena.
  • Full hiding of nicknames = yes.
  • Full hiding of the type of armor = yes.
  • Alt + B Buffer = Allowed.
  • Teleport from Alt + B = Allowed.
  • All types of quick teleports from the zone are prohibited, except for basic skills.
  • The rating of the best players for the day and week is determined depending on the kills made in the PvP Zone. Whoever has more kills gets the reward. The award goes to top one in a day and top three ratings in a week.

Permanent victory reward:

  • golova.jpg Thug's Mark

Daily award for the best player:

  •  Gold Einhasad 3 - 1 place

Weekly award for the best players:

  •  Gold Einhasad 15 - 1 place
  •  Gold Einhasad 10 - 2 place
  •  Gold Einhasad 5 - 3 place


  • Buff slots: 30.
  • Slots for songs and dances: 16.
  • Buff time: 60 minutes.
  • Added the ability to save your buff sets.
  • There are 4 ready-made set buffs for the desired subclass.



  • When you create a clan, you get: 5th level.
  • Reduced the number of people to raise the lvl clan.
  • The maximum number of members in a clan: 40.
  • The penalty for excluding / leaving the clan is 2 hours.
  • The maximum number of clans in an alliance: 1.
  • Disabled "Royal Guard" and "Order of the Knights".
  • All clan members receive all clan skills (regardless of rank).
  • Bonus to clans and CP for Gold Einhasad.



  • Castle sieges and land battles take place every week.
  • Flags before the start of the Battle of the Earths return to their castles.
  • Capturing flags limit: 3.
  • Knight's Epaulette drops from guards are not tied to character level.

When you capture a fort from the list, you get an additional passive skill that affects the entire clan:

  • Increases Aden Drop + 5% for Clan / Fortress Hive.
  • Increases PvE Dmg. + 3% for Сlan / Fortress Valley.
  • Increases Clan Debuff Resilience +4 / Fortress Antharas.
  • Increases CP / HP / MP by 150 for Сlan / Fortress Hunters.

Subclass and Noblesse:

  • To get the status of Nobleman it is enough to kill Raid Boss Noblesse 85 lvl.
  • Number of subclasses: 3.
  • Subclass level upon creation: 52.
  • Maximum subclass level: 85.

New costumes and skins:






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