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Bonus passing clans of Gold Einhasad

We appreciate every player on our server. Clan Go and get a decent reward of our project!


Players lvl Clan's reputation
5 - 10 players 6 185.000
10 - 20 players 7 240.000
20 - 30 players 8 450.000
30+ 9 570.000

The award to the leader of Clan:

  • For every player who came, the clan leader receives 10 Coin of Luck.
  • 3 Painting title.
  • Premium 2 weeks.
  • Painting nickname.

Application form:

  • 1) The name of the clan.
  • 2) Name the leader of the clan.
  • 3) Contact the clan leader (icq or skype).
  • 4) The number of players passing.
  • 5) Site or group

Conditions for issuing a bonus:

  • The clan must be created and all participants must be in it prior to issuing bonus;
  • Characters need to reach level 80 and get a third profession;
  • Prior to the issuance of awards all the characters will be checked according hwid;
  • If you create a clan, shout in the cities on the set and take all in a row, the award will not be issued (only lvl Clan and Clan reputation).

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