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User Agreement

This Agreement is intended to regulate the relationship between the user and the copyright holder of the L2HELIOS.NET Internet portal

The L2Helios project, hereinafter referred to as "Administration", invites you, hereinafter referred to as "Users", to familiarize yourself with the Game and Project Rules.

1. General Provisions
1.1 Game Site -
1.2 Operator - the copyright holder of the portal, is a party to the User Agreement. The operator carries out administration and maintenance, provides users with access to the portal, services (also paid services), under the terms of this agreement.
1.3 User - an individual who visits the portal or takes part in the projects of the portal.
1.4 Portal - special software and hardware systems placed on the resources of the Operator. Access of Users to the portal is carried out only by the Operator. All rights to use this portal belong exclusively to the Operator.
1.5 Services - providing Users with access to the Portal, using the capabilities and services, participating in projects on the terms specified in the Agreements. The Operator's services are provided free of charge. The only exceptions are Additional Paid Services. All Services are provided by the operator only within the Portal, i.e. during its use by the User.
1.6 To comply with the technological process of access to the Gameplay, the User uses L2Helios.exe - auxiliary software (including technical protection tools embedded in it), which is necessary to download / make current changes to the Game Client to comply with the technical parameters of the Gameplay.
1.7 Additional Paid Services - providing the User with additional special features of the Portal for a fee. These services are optional and are provided at the request of the User. Paid Services are also provided by the Operator exclusively within the Portal.
1.8 Game account, characters, items are the property of the project and do not represent the right of personal property.
Access to the Gameplay of the Game is possible exclusively through L2Helios.exe
2. Subject of the Rules
2.1 This document establishes the Rules, only under which the User has the right to use the Services in order to participate in the Game Process.
2.2 In accordance with the terms of these Rules, the Administration provides the User with the opportunity to use the Game around the clock, except for the time of preventive maintenance and other circumstances that prevent the User from accessing the Game.
3. Additional terms
3.1 For the proper use of the Services, the User must comply with the minimum system and technical requirements for equipment.
3.2 The Administration does not carry out the return of game values lost due to the loss of access to the account by the User. However, the Administration may, at its discretion, return the game values lost by the User in cases of error, failure, hacking or other malfunction of the server software.
3.3 The administration is not responsible for the loss of game values in the event of an untimely update of the game client through the updater. The player undertakes to perform each launch of the game through the updater in order to avoid errors.
3.4 The administration does not exchange game values for real money.
4. Rights and obligations of the User
4.1 When registering, the User chooses a nickname, login, password that will identify the User among other Users of the Services. The User is obliged to provide the Administration with reliable Registration Data.
4.2 With the permission of the Administration, the User has the right to change his password. At the same time, the User is obliged to independently ensure non-disclosure (secrecy) of his password and other necessary data and, accordingly, is responsible for non-preservation and disclosure of his password, as well as all risks (losses) associated with this.
4.3 The user is not entitled to "resell" the services provided by the Administration to third parties and to derive any other benefit from them.
4.4 The User has no right to distribute information aimed at illegally obtaining passwords to access the characters of the Game, as well as to distribute links to sites with such information.
4.5 The User undertakes to respectfully and correctly treat other Users and the Game Administration, namely:
- do not use profanity in public chats of the game and forums;
- not threaten with violence and physical harm;
- not distribute in any way materials that promote, or express rejection or hatred of any religion, culture, race, nation, people, language, politics, ideology or social movement;
- not to advertise, directly or indirectly, porn sites, drugs and resources containing such information, including, but not limited to: not posting materials with pornographic images of minors and (or) advertisements about attracting minors as performers to participate in entertainment activities of pornographic nature, not to publish information on the methods, methods of development, manufacture and use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, places of purchase of such drugs, substances and their precursors, on the methods and places of cultivation of narcotic plants, not to publish information on methods of committing suicide, and also calls to commit suicide, as well as to commit other similar actions.
4.6 The User is prohibited from disseminating information that does not correspond to reality (rumors, slander) about the game service of the Game, the Administration, employees of the Administration and other Users. It is forbidden to use terminology in the names and titles of game characters that imply the endowment of a game character / game guild with administrative functions, or impersonate an authorized person of the Administration.
4.7 When communicating in the Game via chat services, it is prohibited to send messages with the content of the same text continuously. Sending such a message is allowed at intervals: one identical message per minute. An exception is the message about trading in-game items in the trade chat.
4.8 Pol'zovatel' ne vprave ogranichivat' dostup drugikh Pol'zovateley k Igre ili prepyatstvovat' drugim Pol'zovatelyam v ispol'zovanii Igry. Zapreshcheno zabirat'sya na tekstury (skaly, vozvyshennosti i t.p.) v sluchaye, yesli dostup tuda dostupen tol'ko s pomoshch'yu Viverny. Zapreshcheno sozdavat' pomekhi v geympleye dlya drugikh igrokov, mekhanicheski ogranichivaya ikh dostup v lokatsii, k NPS (isklyucheniya propisany v prilozhenii 8.1). Zapreshcheno kakimi-libo deystviyami vyzyvat' kriticheskiye oshibki u drugikh igrokov. 4.9 Pol'zovatel' obyazuyetsya ne peredavat' lyubuyu informatsiyu ili programmnoye obespecheniye, kotoroye soderzhit v sebe virusy ili inyye vrednyye komponenty, a takzhe sovershat' inyye deystviya, kotoryye protivorechat normam primenimogo zakonodatel'stva ili mezhdunarodnogo prava. 4.10 Pol'zovatelyu zapreshchayetsya razmeshchat' na Resursakh Administratsii informatsiyu, kotoraya nosit reklamnyy kharakter. 4.11 Pol'zovatelyu zapreshchayetsya ispol'zovat' igrovyye tsennosti i/ili igrovyye preimushchestva, kotoryye byli polucheny im vsledstviye narusheniya tret'imi litsami (Pol'zovatelyami) nastoyashchikh Pravil. 4.12 Zapreshchayetsya razglashat' konfidentsial'nuyu ili zavedomo lozhnuyu informatsiyu o drugom Pol'zovatele. 4.13 Zapreshchayetsya prodavat', pokupat', obmenivat', peredavat', poluchat' igrovyye predmety ili dostup k chuzhomu akkauntu za neigrovyye sredstva ili sredstva, ne predusmotrennyye na proyekte. Zapreshchen obmen lyubykh igrovykh tsennostey mezhdu lyubymi serverami ili igrami. Zapreshcheno obsuzhdat' takiye sdelki. Popytka perevoda lyubykh sdelok vo vneigrovyye chaty (VKontakte, Skype, Mumble i t.d.) zapreshchena. 4.14 Zapreshcheno provotsirovat' i podstrekat' igrokov na soversheniye RMT sdelok v ramkakh proyekta, v tom chisle i na storonnikh resursakh (VKontakte, twitch, youtube i dr.). 4.15 Zapreshchayetsya ispol'zovat' v imenakh igrovykh personazhey i pitomtsev, a takzhe v nazvaniyakh i simvolike igrovykh klanov i al'yansov nazvaniya ili izobrazheniya, narushayushchiye dannyye pravila. Ispol'zovat' netsenzurnuyu leksiku i oskorbleniya v titulakh personazhey. 4.16 Zapreshchena peredacha akkaunta tret'im litsam, a takzhe polucheniye akkauntov ot tret'ikh lits. Peredavaya akkaunt drugomu cheloveku Vy i tol'ko Vy nesete otvetstvennost' za sokhrannost' predmetov i akkaunta. V sluchaye, yesli Vy dadite akkaunt tret'yemu litsu ili zaydete na chuzhoy akkaunt, vladelets kotorogo narushil pravila proyekta - Vy budete zablokirovany vmeste s nim. 4.17 Zapreshchena prodazha akkauntov (v tom chisle i za igrovuyu valyutu). Zapreshchena peredacha akkaunta i personazhey drugim litsam dazhe v kachestve podarka.
2460 / 5000
Результаты перевода
4.8 The User is not entitled to restrict the access of other Users to the Game or prevent other Users from using the Game. It is forbidden to climb onto textures (rocks, hills, etc.) if access is available only with the help of a Wyvern. It is forbidden to interfere with the gameplay for other players, mechanically limiting their access to the location, to the NPC (exceptions are spelled out in Appendix 8.1). It is forbidden by any action to cause critical errors in other players.
4.9 The user undertakes not to transfer any information or software that contains viruses or other harmful components, as well as to perform other actions that contradict the norms of applicable law or international law.
4.10 The User is prohibited from posting information that is of an advertising nature on the Resources of the Administration.
4.11 The User is prohibited from using game values and / or game advantages that were obtained by him as a result of violation by third parties (Users) of these Rules.
4.12 It is forbidden to disclose confidential or knowingly false information about another User.
4.13 It is forbidden to sell, buy, exchange, transfer, receive game items or access someone else's account for non-game funds or funds not provided for in the project. It is forbidden to exchange any game values between any servers or games. It is forbidden to discuss such transactions. An attempt to transfer any transactions to off-game chats (VKontakte, Skype, Mumble, etc.) is prohibited.
4.14 It is forbidden to provoke and incite players to make RMT transactions within the project, including on third-party resources (VKontakte, twitch, youtube, etc.).
4.15 It is forbidden to use names or images that violate these rules in the names of game characters and pets, as well as in the names and symbols of game clans and alliances. Use foul language and insults in character titles.
4.16 It is forbidden to transfer an account to third parties, as well as receive accounts from third parties. By transferring an account to another person, you and only you are responsible for the safety of items and account. If you give your account to a third party or log into someone else's account, the owner of which has violated the rules of the project, you will be blocked with him.
4.17 It is forbidden to sell accounts (including for game currency). It is forbidden to transfer the account and characters to others, even as a gift. 
4.18 It is prohibited to use software or devices that emulate the presence of a player in the Game (including, but not limited to: pressing the keys using matches, coins, special additional software for a mouse or keyboard, a younger brother, etc.) replacing the standard Client, accepted by the administration as the basic one. The player is also obliged to fully control the gameplay and respond to the checks of the Game Masters.
4.19 It is prohibited to use software that interferes with the normal functioning of the server software or interfere with the exchange of information (data packets) between the server and the client.
4.20 It is forbidden to resort to hacking, attempted hacking and / or interception of data coming to or from the server, as well as deliberately bypassing the restrictions provided by the Administration (window limit, blocking equipment by hwid, etc.)
4.21 The user is prohibited from taking advantage of bugs (server malfunctions, game errors), including problems with geodata. It is forbidden to use hard-to-reach textures for farming monsters and bosses. It is forbidden to use the similarity of textures of game items, as well as nicknames of game characters, clan names and icons to deceive other players. The user undertakes to immediately report an error to the administration server.
4.22 The user has the right to a reward in case of detection and timely informing the administration about the shortcomings and errors of the game.
4.23 The user is prohibited from hiding information about server players who know how to implement a server bug, as well as about other players who have violated the server rules.
4.24 The user is prohibited from using non-standard fonts for messages in the technical support section of the forum.

4.25 It is forbidden to write about your leaving the server or a group of people leaving the server, as well as to urge other players to stop playing.
4.26 It is forbidden to sell clans / alliances, as well as castles, including for game currency.
4.27 It is forbidden to organize any kind of quizzes, casinos, sweepstakes, etc., which entail a way of making money on other players.
4.28 It is forbidden to gain access to the account of third parties, transfer game values from the characters of third parties, as well as facilitate such transfer. It is prohibited to steal (scam) game property, character or account by brute-force or stealing a password to the account (or to the registration mail) or by deceiving (or abuse of trust) the owner of the game values or account. The possibility of restoring the stolen game property is decided individually after the player's request. The administration does not guarantee the return of the stolen game property.
4.29 It is prohibited to steal (scam) items or assist in theft or abuse of trust of other players for personal gain.

4.30 It is forbidden to cheat players and any fraudulent actions, including violation of agreements, which can cause material or moral harm to another player. Exceptions to the rules are: contractual fights at the Olympiad, as well as agreements between players about pumping. In these situations, the administration does not interfere with the agreements of the players.

4.31 The user is obliged to establish a strong password and account binding by IP / HWID. The user is responsible for the security of the account. In the event that the theft of game values was committed from an account on which the link was not established, the administration has the right not to restore game values.

4.32 Intentional flooding of PVP glasses on twinks is prohibited.

4.33 It is prohibited to cheat any automated rewards, such as (but not limited to) online timers, voting rewards, rewards from events, etc. Cheating is considered to be the receipt of rewards for more than two HWIDs at the same time.

4.34 It is forbidden to sell non-game valuables in the chat for game or other funds not provided for in the project.

4.35 The rights and obligations of the User apply to the game, website, forum, VKontakte group, Facebook, Instagram and other official pages.
4.36 It is forbidden to spam with a trade, a request to a group, a friend request to other players. Thus, interfering with the normal play of the given player.
4.37 Messages about the sale of game values or about recruiting into a clan, group, etc. are prohibited, if this message does not apply to the server on which you send them.
5. Operator's rights

5.1 This Agreement grants the Operator the following rights:

- At any time, at its sole discretion, unilaterally without prior notice to Users, expand, change, terminate, limit the provision of the Services, as well as Additional Paid Services.

- Manage all processes on the Portals solely at your own discretion. Suspend, change the course of any processes without notifying the User in advance.

- Apply sanctions to the User in case of violations of this Agreement.

- Delete / change User information posted on the Portals.

- Track, save identification and statistical information about the User.

- Send users technical, advertising and other information regarding the Portal, Services and Paid Services.

- Inform, warn, make comments, notify the User in case of non-compliance / violation of the terms of this Agreement. All instructions of the Operator must be strictly followed.

- Take legal measures to protect their intellectual, copyright property.

- Modify, change, supplement the Portal at your own discretion, without notifying the User in advance.

- The Operator's failure to act on violations by the User of this Agreement does not exclude the application of penalties by him later.

- Refuse the player to issue rewards for any promotions, tournaments, events, etc. Without explaning the reason.
5.2 Obligations of the Operator

As a party to the User Agreement, the Operator is obliged to:

- Provide the possibility for the User to receive the Operator's Services within this Portal (including the receipt of Additional Paid Services).

- Answer questions from Users, in case of disputable situations, take all measures to resolve them.

5.3 Limitation of liability of the Operator

In accordance with this section, the Operator is not responsible for:

- Any damage caused or which can only be caused to the personal data and the computer of the User in connection with the use of the Portal and the Site.

- Losses (direct / indirect) caused to the User in connection with the use or inaccessibility of the Portal (inability to use them), the behavior of third parties on the Portal, as well as other participants in the Portal projects, unauthorized access to the User's personal data.

- Statements, disseminated information, statements of the User and other illegal actions carried out by him on the Portal and beyond.

- The information specified by the User during registration, the lost ability to access the Portal (login, password, etc.).

- Loss by the User of purchased virtual values as a result of the provision of Services and Additional Paid Services by the Operator.

- Payment by the User for Additional Paid Services and related costs.

- Uninterrupted operation of the Portal.

User's capabilities related to Internet access, data transmission speed.

5.3 The Operator does not guarantee:

- Continuous, reliable, error-free operation of the Portal, access to its resources, Services, including Additional Paid Services.

- The fact that the Portal will fully meet the requirements and ideas of the User.

-Conformity of the quality of the provided Services (Additional Paid Services) to the expectations of the User.

- The Operator is not obliged, at the request of the User, to provide documents and other evidence indicating a violation (by the User) of this Agreement and the application of penalties / disciplinary sanctions against him.

- The User uses the Portal, the Operator's Site solely at his own peril and risk, of his own free will, without coercion. He understands the possible risks associated with the use of the Operator's resources and has no material claims against the Operator.

6. Confidentiality and security

6.1. Confidential information - information received by the operator during the registration of the User on the Site, as well as during visits to the Sites / Portal and participation in the events of the Portal.

6.2. Confidential information is not subject to disclosure and transfer to third parties.

6.3. Personal data can be transferred by the Operator only in the following cases:

- An official request from law enforcement agencies (violation of local and international law).

- Personal expression of the will of the User.

- Inability to use the Services and Additional Paid Services on the Portals (about which the User is warned in advance).

- Violations of the clauses of this Agreement (at the discretion of the Operator).

6.4. The operator ensures the security of the user's personal data using special software. In case of unauthorized access to the Portal / Site of third parties, the security of personal data is not guaranteed.
7. Additional Paid Services

7.1 At the request of the User, the operator provides him with Additional Paid Services. They allow using the advanced capabilities of the Portal.

7.2 Additional Paid Services are not a prerequisite for using the Portal and participating in Portal projects.

7.3 From the moment the funds are debited by the Portal Operator from the User's account, the additional Paid Service is considered to be provided in full, of proper quality. Using the portal

7.4 After the provision of the Additional Paid Service, the money spent on its purchase is non-refundable.

7.5 The User agrees that the Operator has the right to store personal information obtained when purchasing Additional Paid Services.

7.6 The list of Additional Paid Services and their cost are published only by the Operator on the Website / Portal. Any information and offers to purchase these services on third-party resources are considered fraud, for which the Operator is not responsible.

7.7 The methods and the possibility of purchasing Additional Paid Services are explained by the Operator on the Site.

7.8 The Operator does not provide clarifications on the issues of working with payment systems, with the help of which the User decided to purchase Additional Paid Services, and is not responsible for their correct operation.

7.9 In the event of a technical malfunction of the Sites or intentional actions of the User, as well as in other cases when Additional Paid Services were provided without full / partial debiting of funds from the User's account, he is obliged to inform the Operator about this fact. After that, the User is obliged to pay off the arisen debt.

7.10 The Operator does not reimburse the User for unused (partially used) Additional Paid Services.

7.11 The User, at his own expense, independently bears all financial costs associated with the purchase (transfer of money) Additional Paid Services. This section includes: commissions, fees and other expenses.

7.12 The User guarantees to the Operator that he has all the legal powers and rights to conclude this Agreement in terms of Additional Paid Services.

7.13 In the case of the purchase of Additional Paid Services by the User under the age of 18, he must first obtain consent to conduct a financial transaction from legal representatives. The fact of purchasing Additional Paid Services is a confirmation of the receipt of such consent from a legal representative. If necessary, the Operator has the right to request a written confirmation of the receipt of consent and the provision of passport data to determine the true age of the User.

7.14 Responsibility for the purchase of Additional Paid Services rests entirely with the User and his legal representatives.

7.15 Disputes about responsibility for the purchase of Additional Paid Services with the Portal Operator are unacceptable.

7.16 Receiving additional Paid Services by the user is possible only after full payment of their cost.

8. Appendices to the user agreement

8.1 We do not prohibit the use of tactical obstacles during clan battles, such as (but not limited to): blocking the visibility of NPCs or players using transformations, siege obstacles in the form of siege weapons, etc. It is important that tactical obstacles used by players must be provided for by the game's capabilities and must not violate Rule 4.21 on the exploitation of game errors. Each controversial situation is considered on an individual basis.

8.2 During Territorial Battles, it is forbidden to take away flags in locations from which it is impossible to return the flags by all methods provided by the game. For example, if you can physically enter a location with a flag, but you cannot physically exit with a flag from there, then this location is prohibited for tactical protection of flags.

8.3 Entrance to the territory of castles, fortresses and siege halls is allowed only through gates and walls. Summons are not allowed on various heights above structures for faster access to the castle.
9. Disclaimer of Warranties




10. Additional provisions

10.1 If the User does not have the right to use the Portal in accordance with the legislation of his country or there are other restrictions (admission by age and others), he must refuse to use the Portal without warning, as well as their individual services. The user assumes full responsibility for using the Portal in his country, based on local laws and taking into account international legislation.

10.2 Invalidity of one / several clauses / sections of the User Agreement does not entail its invalidity as a whole. In this case, the parties must fulfill their obligations under the remaining clauses / sections of the Agreement.

10.3. Disputes arising between the parties are subject to initial settlement out of court, by correspondence between the Operator and the User. In case of ineffectiveness of mediated settlement of disputes, they will be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

10.4. This Agreement may be changed, supplemented by the Operator without prior notice to the User. Any changes take effect immediately after the publication of the amended version of the Agreement on the Site. To avoid any controversial issues, the User undertakes to independently check the text of the Agreement on the Site, where it is freely available. In case of failure to check the text of the Agreement by the User, this fact cannot serve as a basis for refusing to fulfill the obligations assumed. The modified version of the Agreement after publication on the Site has the same legal force with the original text.

11.1. Registration of an account (account) is carried out using the functionality of the Operator's Resources. Before using the Game, the User is obliged to familiarize himself with this Agreement, as well as with all the Rules applicable to the Game and other documents that are freely available on the Internet at:

11.2. After filling in the required fields and familiarizing himself with the Agreement, the User joins (accepts) this Agreement by clicking the "Register" button or similar, which, within the meaning of Art. 435 and 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the acceptance (acceptance) of the Operator's offer, as well as the conclusion of an agreement that gives the User an obligation to comply with the terms of the Agreement, including the Rules applicable to the Game. Actual use of the Game also constitutes acceptance of this Agreement.

11.3. A person who is authorized in the Game is considered a proper user of the account, access to the use and management of which was obtained as a result of registering an account, unless there is information confirming otherwise.


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